Learning at home

May 13, 2020

We have a new “Sign of the day” Playlist on Youtube which collates the daily Makaton videos we have been releasing. The idea behind this is to build a library of signs that people can access in one place. We intend to continue with this post lockdown also.


Learning with Vicky

Our dance tutor Vicky has started to make some learning videos so that students at home can join in. These supplement the work that is being sent home by Tutors and Pathway Co-ordinators and have received really good interaction from families and some of the wider college community.







Cooking with Anita

In a similar vein to above, Anita has started a cook along series – more of these to follow.



Leanne one of our Art Tutors has started a home sketchbook project which will library and archive students work in a college art library so we have a history of past and present students. The idea came from the link below and follows are similar idea.

Some students have started to paint murals behind the pink room in college so we thought it would be a nice idea to turn these into postcards and send them home to families and students to touch base and send home the #StaySafe message.


VE Day Bunting Sketchbooks Postcards

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