Independent Living: How Our Valuable Pathway Prepares Students for an Amazing Life!

August 21, 2023

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Skills for Independent Living

At Beaumont College, where we’re all about giving you the best possible education! Our focus isn’t just on academics though – we want to help you grow as a person too. That’s why we offer a range of pathways to suit your needs and interests. Today, we’re excited to show you our third pathway – ‘Skills for Independent Living’! This pathway is all about helping you gain the skills you need to live life on your own terms. Our experienced educators and support staff are here to guide you as you explore different support approaches and specialist equipment. We want you to feel confident and in control of your own life, and we believe that this pathway will help you achieve just that. So come on in and let’s start building a brighter future together! 


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One awesome thing about the ‘Skills for Independent Living’ pathway is that you get to team up with someone else, like a pathway coordinator. Together, you’ll create a super supportive environment where you can challenge yourself and learn new things at your own pace. Plus, working collaboratively helps you sharpen your communication and cooperation skills, and opens up great opportunities for social interaction. It’s a win-win situation! 

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Exploring Support Approaches 

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Did you know that understanding how you like to receive support is a pretty big deal on your learning journey? It’s true! This pathway helps you figure out your preferred support methods, like visual aids, verbal instruction, physical demonstrations, or a mix of all three. Being able to express your needs and preferences is super important for speaking up for yourself, which is a key skill for living independently. So, let’s work together to find out what works best for you and make your learning journey rock! 

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Trialling Specialist Equipment  

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The use of specialist equipment often plays a critical role in facilitating independent living. Our ‘Skills for Independent Living’ pathway offers students the opportunity to trial a wide range of such equipment. This can include anything from assistive technology devices to specialised kitchen equipment and mobility aids. The goal is for students to find what works best for them and what tools they can leverage to support their independence. 

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The ‘Skills for Independent Living’ pathway at Beaumont College is all about helping our students achieve their full potential. We’re dedicated to fostering self-determination by giving them the tools they need to make choices, set goals, and advocate for themselves. Our goal is to equip them with the skills and confidence to navigate life with greater independence. Partnering with experienced support persons, we explore a range of support approaches and trial specialist equipment to help our students find what works best for them.

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Independent Living – Our Hope!

Our hope is that, through this pathway, our students will not only develop practical skills, but also gain the confidence and self-determination needed to live as independently as possible. At Beaumont College, we’re committed to empowering our students to achieve their dreams and live life to the fullest! Get in touch today to find out more or follow us on Facebook to see more of the day to day activities we get up to here at Beaumont College!

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