See Beaumont College in action before making a decision.

Most people find it really helpful to see Beaumont College in action before they make any decisions. We welcome visits from prospective students and their families.

Next Steps

Contact the College Admissions Team or for a chat call 01524 541400.
Arrange an informal visit during term time to see the college in action. Visits can be organised for individuals or groups.
Please book early. We recommend applications are made twelve to eighteen months before entry although later applications are welcome.

Find out what we do

Visit Beaumont College for:

  • A tour of the College
  • An opportunity to meet some of the staff and students
  • Opportunities to ask any questions that you have
  • Feel free to contact our admissions team with any specific requirements or things you would like included in your tour


Ask our admissions team for an application document.
Complete your application document providing as much detail as possible.
Return your application document to our admission team as soon as possible.
We will request further information from school and any other relevant people as soon as we receive your application. You should let your career advisers know you are making an application to Beaumont College.

Decision Making

Careful consideration is given to every application, however there is no guarantee of a place being offered.
Our intake group will look at all the information you have provided once all the information has been received
There are no formal entrance examinations or entry qualifications.
We will however, consider whether we are able to meet your needs and what is required to do this. We also assess whether Beaumont College can provide the right learning environment for you.
We will send you a letter informing you of our decision. If your application has been unsuccessful, you have the right to appeal.


If your application is successful, you will be invited to attend the College for a more detailed assessment by our:

Education team
Support team
Therapy team

Residential students will also be invited for an overnight visit.
There are plenty of opportunities to answer your questions throughout.
During this visit, we use a person-centred planning approach (PATH) to help you plan what you want to do with your time at Beaumont. Please ask us if you would like any information about PATH.

Funding application

We will apply for funding via your careers adviser, who will then send the application to your Local Authority for consideration.
Your local Authority will inform you of their decision once your application has been considered.
Your local Authority will be able to advise you further of their funding procedure.

Admissions and Funding Team

The Admissions Team provides support for students and their families with the admissions process, and offers information, advice and guidance from the initial enquiry stage and then throughout the students’ placement at College.

This involves:

  • Attending transition events across the country
  • Liaising with parents, schools, social workers and careers / transition service / Young People’s Service Advisers
  • Arranging and supporting initial visits to the College
  • Distribution and collation of initial information to facilitate the assessment process
  • Attending Intake meetings
  • Arranging assessment visits in College
  • Completing initial funding documentation
  • Overseeing student admission into College
  • Attending student reviews
  • Maintaining links with families