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The therapy team play a significant role within the inter- disciplinary team. They have close links to visiting professionals and outside agencies.

The therapy team participates in the intake assessment of students prior to starting at Beaumont College and through this process identifies specific health, therapy and training requirements to enable staff to fully support the students from the start of their time at the College.

Each of the nurses has special interests related to health issues and constantly update and consolidate their knowledge. The nurses work with the students GP and consultants (where appropriate). They also work alongside the Eating Support Team to ensure that student needs are met.

The college provides a range of services to support students to access the curriculum, including occupational and physiotherapy services. Where possible, these therapies are carried out as part of everyday life and incorporated into educational settings.

All of our therapy programmes are individually tailored and based on a thorough assessment and evaluation of each student’s needs. Therapists also run additional groups such as Wheels and Move, Stretch and Chill, Mat Aerobics, High fives and Hydrotherapy.

Orthotics and wheelchair clinics are managed on site with visiting support from external services. The students have access to a wide range of equipment such as movement harnesses, air chair and adapted bikes. The Therapy team assess the students then train the support staff in the use of this equipment with the provision of appropriate protocols.

The occupational and physiotherapists work with the communication and technology team to provide assessment, advice and equipment to enhance independence for the students with communication aids, computer access and environmental control systems.

Occupational therapy provides assessment, intervention and equipment to assist with activities of daily living, sensory processing, wheelchair mobility and access to leisure and learning activities to enable the students to be as independent as possible in all areas of college life.