Our dedicated Keyworkers support students to be independent in their everyday lives. Each Keyworker is highly trained and focused on the particular needs and interests of each student and will be active in helping you to learn, thrive and enjoy yourself.

Personal Care

Our highly trained staff can support with all aspects of personal care depending on your individual needs, whilst maintaining your privacy and dignity.

Behavioural Support

As part of our transdisciplinary team we employ a Behavioural Specialist and staff are trained in TEACCH principles and within the Institute for Applied Behaviour Analysis (IABA) approach.


Georgia and Rebecca sat with a large dice



All students are able to consult the eating support and nutrition service at the college. This is led by a Speech and Language Therapist with the specialist knowledge of supporting those with eating difficulties including dysphagia, and a dietician who has wide experience in the eating, drinking and nutritional needs of the students we support. We aim to promote the general health and well-being of students at Beaumont College. We provide a comprehensive screening, assessment and on-going support service for all students regarding nutrition, eating and drinking. In addition we advise student support staff on the management of these needs.

All of our staff are trained to support the students appropriately at meal and snack times they also support the students appropriately with respect to their overall nutritional needs. Our restaurant staff ensure that student meals are varied, offer appropriate textures, and adequate nutritional provision for individual student dietary needs. Liaison with parents, carers, and other health professionals is important to ensure our students’ needs are met. The Eating Support & Nutrition Service also work with keyworkers in supporting students who have non-oral intake.