Skills for Life and Learning

September 16, 2022

Beaumont college has been a hive of activity. 1st year students in their Skills for life and learning sessions have been undertaking Ascentis Reading entry level 1 practice papers for assessment and baseline purposes. For some students reading takes other forms. For students like Katie, having a written schedule at the start of every session is an invaluable resource for her as it breaks down the morning into manageable tasks and activities.

Students in Enterprise have been using their literacy skills to research what products they would like to produce this year and what their target audience might be. Assistive technology plays a vital role here at college. Bradley uses a specialist keyboard in order to identify the letters correctly whilst Georgia uses her communication aid to compose sentences to direct her support.

In Music and Media, students have been writing reflective journals documenting what they have learnt the week before.

Katie reading her session schedule. Student sending an email Georgia using her communication aid to ask her support worker for help Bradley using a PC to do research for his enterprise session.

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