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We aim to widen and enhance each student’s choice of leisure activities and expand interests

Outside the classroom

College Trips

There are opportunities to attend ‘outdoor activity’ trips. Current and past students have taken an active part in kayaking, canoeing, rock climbing and abseiling. All activities are accessible to all students. Students can take part in other activities within the local community and further afield including; visiting the theatre, local restaurants, bowling, concerts at various venues nationwide, cinemas and music venues amongst other activities. These are less active but equally exciting and enjoyable. The college aims to widen and enhance each student’s choice of leisure activities and expand interests.

For some students, session-based activity includes horse-riding and using the trampoline. The benefits to health and well-being, posture, social interaction skills and communication are clearly documented. Horse-riding and trampolining activities are not suitable for all students and attendance is based on each student’s person-centred plan.

Links with the community

The college has wide links with the local community. We work with local mainstream education establishments and provide work experience and placement to students at schools, colleges, and universities. Local businesses offer work placements and experiences to our students. This benefits our students in real and relevant learning situations. It also benefits the provider as it raises awareness around disability and employment.

Salt Ayre leisure centre offers community swimming and an opportunity to keep fit as our students have use of the cycle track. Hydrotherapy is accessed at a local school with which we have close links. A number of our local students attended there before coming to Beaumont College. Pupils from a local specialist school come to college as part of our Further Education Experience programme. This allows them to experience further education before they need to make a decision about their future. This is just a sample of our work within the community; there are many more to be experienced.