Numeracy focus

September 23, 2022

Georgia and Rebecca sat with a large dice Sean sat at a desk counting money Rebecca sat at a table weighing ingredients Brandon mixing flower and butter in a bowl to make crumble

This weeks numeracy focus has taken a number of forms over the timetable this week. Sean and Ellis have been expanding and practicing their money handling skills in the wider community as part of their Skills for life and learning session – making sure they have the right money, correct change and receipt for their activities.

Georgia and Rebecca have been using an oversized dice to support turn taking, steps and beat counting in their Performance Company session. Students in the group used the dice to decide how many beats they would get to perform for as their chosen character. Everyone was determined to roll a six!

To finish the week Anita’s cookery class have been using digital weighing scales to accurately measure ingredients to make a variety of apple pie and crumbles – making sure that the numbers on the scales accurately match the visual recipe and adjusting accordingly. The smell is fantastic!

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