Duke of Edinburgh Award Update

July 6, 2020

Beaumont Students participating in their Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Award have been continuing to make great progress with their activities.

At their recent virtual team meeting several certificates were presented to students who had completed their activity Sections.

Congratulations to the students who have completed their Sections and thank-you to the staff have supported their ongoing efforts.

Marcus from Carlisle has completed his Volunteering Section by developing his communication skills in the community. He played football with his local training club for his physical activity and worked hard setting refreshments up for a local Charity’s events, for his Volunteering Section. Very well done!

Jadhaan, who is currently home in the Cayman Islands was virtually awarded his Skill Section for developing his cooking skills and being able to plan the Expedition Menu for his teammates. He continues to apply his skills cooking at home for his family. Congratulations.

Natasha spent time planning and managing an exhibition for her art work to be shown to the public in a local charity café for her Volunteering section. Excellent sharing of her talent, using her organisation and time.

The team have been recognised by the DofE Operations Manager for the North of England, Ruth Ramsdale, as they strive to complete their Award and focus their efforts through this challenging period of lockdown. Well done to all of the participants.

Student with DoE certificates while on teams call

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